We research, preserve and present Chinese culture and Australian history, to recognize and celebrate the identity of Chinese Australians


Stories of Chinese Anzacs and Chinese-Australians of World War II

The exhibition explores a range of themes including Australian identity; belonging and exclusion and racial discrimination. The stories are based on research undertaken in close partnership with Veteran's descendants.


Author: Rose Zheng

Chinese Museum School Tour

Learn about Chinese migration to Australia, as well as the Han Dynasty and see the world’s largest processional dragon.


Author: Rose Zheng

Digital Cultural Adventures: Awakening the Dragon

This digital program allows students to visit the Chinese Museum from their classroom. Students will learn about the Chinese dragon, its role in the Chinese New Year parade and other important symbols in Chinese culture.


Author: Erin Blackman

The Museum Collection

The Chinese Museum collects material that contributes to the history of Chinese Australians and the cultural and historic interaction between the people of Australia and China.


Author: Erin Blackman

Our impact


school students have visited to learn about multiculturalism, immigration history, arts & culture.


Chinese Australians form part of our contemporary Australian Society whom the Chinese Museum represents.


precious artefacts form the basis of our valuable collection – the tangible heritage of our 200-year history.

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Events & Public Programs

  • Painted: The Immigrants' Self Portrait

    ‘Painted: The Immigrants' Self Portrait’ is an art and documentary series featuring immigrant families that uses the process of portraiture to explore the diaspora and definition of home for immigrant families. Read more

  • The Real Face of White Australia Transcription Project

    The Real Face of White Australia is a series of projects aimed at increasing awareness and use of a powerful set of historical documents created in the administration of the White Australia Policy in the first half of the twentieth century. Read more

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